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The Fourth Estate
By combining our broadcast journalism experience with more than 15 years working with plaintiff lawyers, we’re able to promote legal and consumer safety stories that make an impact. Now more than ever, the ‘fourth estate’ plays a big role in litigation, whether it’s helping you find new clients or increase the profile of your firm. If you’re overlooking the media, you’re overlooking an important tool used by the most successful firms.

Public Relations Services

  • PR Services

    We’re a full-service agency focused on the individual needs of our clients. We are expert storytellers with a keen eye for newsworthy hooks that can help generate media interest in your case or cause. We develop long term strategies that showcases your business, accomplishments and the important work you’re doing by targeting the right audience.
  • Media Strategy

    Juris Productions provides in-depth media strategy consulting to help procure the right headlines to publicize your case, practice or cause. We understand and know the press and can land great articles in any media market.
  • Press Releases

    Writing releases that tell a story and accurately present caselaw is an art that our team does quite well. From reading complaints to knowing how to translate legalize for a reporter, Juris is comprised of expert writers.
  • Press Conferences

    We have organized dozens of press conferences, which includes organizing venues, contacting the media, making sure there is proper AV, providing speaking points and media training.
  • Social Media

    Facebook and Twitter have become a cornerstone of how any organization does its PR. Juris manages and grows the accounts of a number of our clients, getting the attention each case and attorney deserves.
  • Reputation Management

    Many of our clients ask us to help manage their online profiles, which includes helping to organize their AVVO account or helping to create an online strategy to neutralize specific links.
  • Client Awards

    Even in the most crowded fields, Juris helps our clients celebrate their accomplishments by obtaining award recognition in legal and mainstream media outlets and organizations.

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Client News

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