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Introducing Eye2Eye™

Juris Productions is proud to offer a breakthrough in documentary production with Eye2Eye.  Our expert storytellers® have discovered a way to make your plaintiff’s story even more engaging and emotional.  Imagine your plaintiff staring directly into the eyes of  your mediator or defense counsel as they communicate their story in a comfortable, natural way.

In a traditional interview style documentary, the subject looks slightly off-camera to make eye contact with the interviewer.  The result is a less-personal ‘third person’ perspective for the viewer.  It has been the standard in documentary production for decades. But with Eye2Eye, the subject looks right into the lens.  The result is more emotion and more engagement between the subject and the viewer.

The direct-to-lens interview technique is popular now in broadcast and feature documentaries.  Pioneered by directors like Errol Morris, the style has been accomplished with hundreds of thousands of dollars in complicated equipment.  But Juris Productions now affordably brings this style to plaintiff’s attorneys with Eye2Eye.

In the past, interviewing someone and having them speak directly to the lens has been a challenge. Unless the subject has years of on-camera experience, staring into a camera lens is intimidating and uncomfortable.  Most subjects find it difficult to maintain eye contact and begin to look away, disengaging from the viewer.

 With Eye2Eye, the interview subject looks directly into the camera while still making eye contact with the interviewer.  Instead of looking at a lens, they see the compassionate interviewer’s face.  They are able to tell even the most emotional stories with confidence.

“Our new Eye2Eye takes our production to the next level,” said Juris Productions president Rob Feldman. “Our documentaries are more compelling and evoke stronger emotion.  Their ability to connect with mediators and defense counsel translates to larger settlements for our clients.”

Eye2Eye is available now for your next production, exclusively from Juris Productions.  Call us at 626-356-3006 to learn more.

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